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Friday, May 1

=//r a n d O m\\=

-do deaf people moan when they have sex?

- how do blind people have sex?

-whats up with elves selling food...keeber, lucky charms, snap krackle and pop? i mean how are those two things even related?

- why do we call it "toilet" paper when its for our shudd be called "asz" paper?

-how do yuh hand cuff an arm amputee?

-why do fat people wear skinny jeans && skinny people wear bubble pants?

-who do they call them bubble pants && nawt fat pants?

-now that dressing like a "nerd" is cool...who gets picked on in school? the people who dress "hood"?

-why does every use drake && wayne songs in their aways to explain themselves or their feeling for their significant other?

-why do animals cartoons have pets?

-Why is Pluto Mickeys pet&& live in a dog house...but Goofy, who is also a dog, lives in a condo and drives a car?

just a few thoughts....

d u n k z

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