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Thursday, April 30

=//this aint jamba juice bOi\\=

"uber juicy..i got that louie..swear have these nixxas screamin JUiCe Me JUiCe Me"
-t. dunkz

late night convo with the homie J led to this topic...
he said verbatim

"everything in the life in natalia is perfect...all happy && smile..has everything she needs..gets whatever she wants..everything is perfect or at least it seems that way"
i was shocked he felt that way...buh then again nawt that shocked... i hear this from E V E R Y doode i meet...i dunno what it is that makes doodes feel that im just a baller with money to spare.. (i

i mean everything i have..i work hella hard for && that doesnt mean ima just hand over money like a piece of starburst..i swear...daygo doodes (black) are so quick to think that they're gonna charm meeh && then ima just hand over the dough..ha ha...uh no no...iont think so... besides the fact that i have mah own needs, wants && desires..the last person i'd give mah mula to is a daygo doode... daygoo doodes are so lame..i swear..

they'll come over mah condo && see im mrs s.O.l.O d.O.l.O...independent asz woman...
they'll ask meeh what i do for a living && the second i tell them the occ..they ask how much i make...i tell them my salary then for some odd reason they get all giddy...mistaken meeh for a hoe && them selves for mah pimp..ha ha...
next come the request//demands..

"ay yuh shudd buy meeh _____"

"ay can yuh do _______for meeh"

"can yuh give meeh $____ for ____"

i mean come the fuxx on ima seriously be like " yuh yuh need any xtra?" ha ha...i aint ya mom, hoe, prostie, or suga mama && never will be..seriously...iont know if i look or come off stoopid && naive buh trust && believe i am FAR from it...yuh'll never catch a doode talkin about "yeah i juiced her" when it comes to meeh cuz it just cant be done... like i said before...this aint jamba juice bois...aint no juicin goin on here...i mean why give yuh mah mula? honestly why? i mean if we're nawt hella kewl (like go back to sandbox days) or yuhr nawt the hubbz...then why wudd yuh even ask? lol
besides the fact that iont need a doode to do shit for meeh, validate, or complete meeh then why even try && juice ? thats the ting iont get about females these days...why be with some doode who is dependent on yuh? ( i think i just got a new topic x 2!lol) like when a doode comes at meeh with request i automatically am nawt only turned off buh disguisted && from there begins the "incognito" phase.. no responses to shit...&& when i see yuh && yuh hit meeh with the...

"what happened natalia?"

ima smile && hit yuh with the infamous ...

"iont know...what do yuh think happened?"

ha ha

w diamondz && dunkz
misz talia dunkz

**daaaaaamn now i am oh so craving JAMBA JUiCe...look at that up there..yuh cant say it doesnt look delish && yummy! haha**
{hi joshy}

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