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Monday, May 4

=//watch yuhr 6's\\=

its a damn shame when yuhr asz is so comsumed with someone else that yuh waste 99.9% of yuhr day speakin on their name && who && what they did && didnt do...that yuh arent even on top of yuhr own shit. i mean c'mon now...if yuhr gonna spend the majority of yuhr day awl up in someone elses business...then why nawt make sure yuhr shet is in check first...
yuh cant say shit about anyone else when yuhr GROWN asz has no hoppin..dirty tack asz clothes...&& a busted weave or hair cut.
( yes yuh niglets are included in this one as well)
yuh just cant do it...because a majority of the time and by majority i mean 110% of the time yuh are speaking on someone who HAS their shit together physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, && spiritually && looks better than yuh...
(its a fact that ugly people are never hated meeh...i learned this while getting mah BA in psychology..ha ha) nah...buh i am right cuz who hates on ugly people?? NO ONE...i mean we may stare or take a double glance back...buh HATE//GOSSIP about em....never! lol
so yeah it just erks meeh how doodettes hella be tryna be all around yuh && tryna dress like their hair && makeup like like yuh...walk like yuh..change their college && major to yuhrs...shit..probably even try && piss like yuh if they cudd...buh then they be the ones sittin around hatin the MOSt on yuh...h aha...funny...&& doodes..yes doodes...even yall are becoming the new hatin asz gossip queens on the streets... real shit...spreadin everyones business then be actin like yuh dont have time for drama when yuhr asz created it from the jump...ol mother goose asz niglets...stay story tellin like yuh && yuhr mamas life depends on it...then walkin around the block with yuhr faded asz "STOP SNiTCHiNG" TEE ON...gtfoh wit all
sheeeeit...these days iont even worry about doodettes hatin && gossip'n...its mostly the doodes...
weezy said it best:
"STOP hatin on a nixxa
that is a weak emotion
the lady of a nixxa?"
well nawt the lady buh the BiTCH of a nixxa...
(note:: iont like the word nixxa...too vulgar..i perfer niglet..)
buh then again like i mentioned in a previous blog are the new bitches!!!
complaining..gossiping..&& awl that other lame asz shit yall are doing nowadays is nawt even the business...&& if yuhr doode has another females name in his mouth just a liddle too much...i think yuh need to be worried...hes either on the fruit loop side ove things or he's got something going on with her && is tryna make yuh feel more secure in the while yuhr sittin around engagin in the gossip with him...yuh need to be worried about where yall's relationship is going...i mean when does that shet...
gossips with their nixxa!!?? ha ha..lames with no fuck'n life...honestly like get a hobby or already erks the eff outta meeh when niglets are too emotional so i can just imagine a niglet who im interested in runnin to meeh with some gossip...ugh..automatically unattractive!
&& another thing...doodes..stop bein so quick to hate && talk hit a/b another doode (most likely yuhr homeboi) buh when a female asks..."is he cute"..yuh come with that.."iont judge nixxas" line..haha...remember: if yuh can hate..yuh can congradulate!
woMAN DoWN!!
misz talia dunkz
(im nawt saying i dont engage in gossip..i mean who doesnt..buh i do stay away fom it as much as possible because as the saying goes..
"those who gossip a/b others with yuh...gossip a/b yuh to others"
&& like mah pops tells meeh: "watch yuhr six's")

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