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Tuesday, May 12

=//broken hearted girl\\=

"hi...mah name is natalia dunkz && i am afraid of a broken heart"
i told mah homeboi i was afraid of a broken heart...thats why i didnt talk to white guys &&usually i wudd just ignore the advice he gave but in this case i thought he might be right... previously i had decided to nawt talk to any black doodes becuase of my previous experiences with them && meeh always ending up hurt...then after so many people telling meeh that i was wrong for stereotyping a whole race of doodes because of my previous experiences with them && my mom thinking i needed counseling for nawt liking black doodes...i decided that maybe i was wrong...maybe i was going overboard....
i decided to give one more black doode a chance...&& guess what...
nope..i was right...
sad to say buh im nawt worng about doodes are nawt for meeh..
"to continue to do the same thing over && over
expecting different results= INSANITY"

why continue to talk to black doodes when in the long run its just gonna end up matter who the doode matter what "seems" different about long as hes black its gonna turn out the same..

a lot of people said.."yuhr choosing the wrong doodes" buh i mean come am i choosing the wrong doodes...i weed out the doodes who do not meet what im looking for in a potential boyfriend && i keep the rest..buh with black doodes it seems as if they are all so fake && put on the biggest facade when yuh first meet them that yuh dont know who yuhr really talking to && end up dating a complete stranger in the end.

im nawt tryna bash black men because i mean im black...buh im just speaking the truth....before deciding to give that one black doode a chance to see if i was wrong i was doing great...only talking to white doodes because they treated meeh better....&& no i dont mean by buying meeh shit cuz thats what everyone thought it was ...buh i mean as far as having respect for meeh && treating meeh as i shudd be treated... basically they just have better morals && values then the black doodes out here in cali...buh yeah...then i give this black doode a chance who seemed to meet almost every he had a job...was in school..had a car...was hella akward silences when we a gang member...wasnt tryna pimp females...he was just a kewl asz doode...then it awl flipped...&& the stranger came out...haha

fast forwarding...i actually started to like him (the person i met in the beginning) && then ended up getting hurt because he became someone else && i wasnt attracted to that at awl... i asked mah self many questions before making the decision to go back to being happy...

&& sad to say it buh happiness isnt && never will be with a black doode at this point...

i'd rather be happy with a white doode && stop with the black doodes now so that i wont continue to be the "broken hearted girl"...

misz talia dunkz

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