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be at all the cocaine sneaker spots, sippin on pink lemonade vodka, Panama
{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Thursday, April 30

=//this aint jamba juice bOi\\=

"uber juicy..i got that louie..swear have these nixxas screamin JUiCe Me JUiCe Me"
-t. dunkz

late night convo with the homie J led to this topic...
he said verbatim

"everything in the life in natalia is perfect...all happy && smile..has everything she needs..gets whatever she wants..everything is perfect or at least it seems that way"
i was shocked he felt that way...buh then again nawt that shocked... i hear this from E V E R Y doode i meet...i dunno what it is that makes doodes feel that im just a baller with money to spare.. (i

i mean everything i have..i work hella hard for && that doesnt mean ima just hand over money like a piece of starburst..i swear...daygo doodes (black) are so quick to think that they're gonna charm meeh && then ima just hand over the dough..ha ha...uh no no...iont think so... besides the fact that i have mah own needs, wants && desires..the last person i'd give mah mula to is a daygo doode... daygoo doodes are so lame..i swear..

they'll come over mah condo && see im mrs s.O.l.O d.O.l.O...independent asz woman...
they'll ask meeh what i do for a living && the second i tell them the occ..they ask how much i make...i tell them my salary then for some odd reason they get all giddy...mistaken meeh for a hoe && them selves for mah pimp..ha ha...
next come the request//demands..

"ay yuh shudd buy meeh _____"

"ay can yuh do _______for meeh"

"can yuh give meeh $____ for ____"

i mean come the fuxx on ima seriously be like " yuh yuh need any xtra?" ha ha...i aint ya mom, hoe, prostie, or suga mama && never will be..seriously...iont know if i look or come off stoopid && naive buh trust && believe i am FAR from it...yuh'll never catch a doode talkin about "yeah i juiced her" when it comes to meeh cuz it just cant be done... like i said before...this aint jamba juice bois...aint no juicin goin on here...i mean why give yuh mah mula? honestly why? i mean if we're nawt hella kewl (like go back to sandbox days) or yuhr nawt the hubbz...then why wudd yuh even ask? lol
besides the fact that iont need a doode to do shit for meeh, validate, or complete meeh then why even try && juice ? thats the ting iont get about females these days...why be with some doode who is dependent on yuh? ( i think i just got a new topic x 2!lol) like when a doode comes at meeh with request i automatically am nawt only turned off buh disguisted && from there begins the "incognito" phase.. no responses to shit...&& when i see yuh && yuh hit meeh with the...

"what happened natalia?"

ima smile && hit yuh with the infamous ...

"iont know...what do yuh think happened?"

ha ha

w diamondz && dunkz
misz talia dunkz

**daaaaaamn now i am oh so craving JAMBA JUiCe...look at that up there..yuh cant say it doesnt look delish && yummy! haha**
{hi joshy}

=//where O where have yuh gone....\\=

this is mah beeeyotch!
fuck what yall say... "frank" && "back to black" are great asz albums
&& i wanna come back.....
i hear shes on her way....
w/ dunkz && drinkz
misz talia dunkz

Monday, April 27

=//pickin cotton\\=

yup...been pickin cotton && other fabrics out for my clothing line..ha ha...damn to see things finally startin to come together i grRrrrreat! im till in the works of getting my ish trademarked && other ish on the business end..buh so far on the creative end...i am on track wit it....
gotta admit..its been hella hard to stay focus'd && give 130% when i have school && work... hella stressful i tell least summer is coming up so i can take a break from school && give the line the attention it i think i might be in the works of looking for a new GD (graphic designer) the one i have is a dope asz artist..buuuuuh isnt what i thought he'd holla if yuh are one or know one in daygo of course.
welps.. back to la jolla...woMAN down..

Tuesday, April 21

=//CaR aCCiDeNT on 4.20...CLaSSiC\\=

last night....
decided to celebrate 4.20 with mah cuzzin candie...
iont even smoke...i actually perfer drinking..(those who personally know meeh know
so with the occasion in the air && the hubbz big sean on the ipod touch..blastin in the car...
["smoke n drive"by the hubbz is the offical bali song! && "high together" by shwayze]
we got the first hit of the munchies && a craving for sushi...h aha
so we hit up SuSHi usual we park in the handicap spot right in front beacuse i mean why nawt...they're the BESt fulfilling our craving..we get in the car && i wait for the car behind meeh to pass by so i can back out....i see he passes by then i start to back thing yuh know....i hear...crash! honk!"oh shit!" thats candies ass....its weird cuz all we cudd do was laugh! so her asz is like "just go" buh meeh bing the responhsible person i am ( ha ha) i get out && go look at the back of my car && side of his...just a few minor parts on the one we're good to go....we're exchanging insurance info && i cant stop laughing....even he was laughing along (maybe he was celebratin && of course with this happening in fron of the gym (yes college grove where all the black ppl everyone was staring as if they had never seen a small accident....
[black ppl are soo rude..haha]
i called up the hotchee who pays mah car insurance to make sure it wudd be straight...he said yep..&& that made the night better automatically..
buh at the end ove it was great he even bought us jamba juice...yeah he was hawaiian or some basically white so yuh know it was awl good..haha...
hope yall enjoy'd 4.20 as much as meeh!lol
misz dunkz
like mah candie cane says...thats what happens when yuh "smoke n drive" ha ha! holla

Monday, April 20

=//happy 4.20\\=

"roll the windows up when yuh get in the car//
&& ima lite one uuupp//
hit the gas station..go buy a cigar//
&& a philly bluuuunt//
everytime i breathe its like im takin a puff//
turn the music uuupp//
roll the windows up//
when i smoke && drive"
-the hubbz (smoke n drive)
whoop whoop...its 4.20 yall...time to hit up yuhr local street a pack of swishers.. a fresh lighter && get to blowin...
like i always say...
"bali bali pot pot dro dro time"
enjoy && lite up

misz dunkz

Friday, April 17

=//DoUBLe STaNDaRDs...hmmm\\=

"I would fuck with all ya'll, all of ya'll are beautiful,
i just cant pick one, so you can never say i'm choosy, ho's...
and Wayne say: pussy, pussy, pussy
and weed, and alcohol seems to satisfy us all (damn)
and everytime i think of staying with her she bring that friend around
and make a nigga reconsider "

im on mah way to work && this song("every girl") comes on....
aite first off its my cuzzins cd..nawt that im nawt a drake fan buh he pretty much is overly hyped up...i mean yes he is a great rapper...buh i much more perfer big sean && kid cudi...back to the subbz thoe...this song just made meeh think...

"why are there so many double standards favoring men?"

i mean wayne && drake are sittin up here screamin..
"i wish i cudd fuck every girl in the world"
and males as well as females are singing along with them... meeh...i've never personally been a fan of the song so i was quick to hit the eject button...but at the same time...that question remained in mah head.
there are sooo many double standards that favor men and honestly it is rediculous!
a few off the top of the dome wudd be:

-a doode having a team of females makes him a playa//pimp..while a female having a team of doodes makes her a hoe//slut (even if she hasnt slept with them)

-doodes can sleep with 30 females && be known as a pimp/playa/mac while females on the other hand can sleep with 6 doodes and automatically be labeled a hoe/slut/whore

-doodes can use a girl for money, sex, etc and get props and is knownbut the second a female is using a doode for his money, sex, etc she becomes a gold digger//hoe

- a doode having a one night stand is "normal" while a female having a one night stand is "hoeish"

-a doode cheating while in a realtionship is justified by the "im a man..its inevitable" line while a female cheating while in a relationship automatically makes her a "unfaithful lying cheatin asz hoe"

-a doode taking a girl from her boifriend, has his homeboys like "ahhh..yuh chopp'd her down..blah blah blah"...while a female taking a doode from his girlfriend is a homewrecker//hoe...

-a blk doode dating a wht female is all high fives && shit...while a blk female dating a wht doode is her "selling out"....

honestly i think it is bullshit..these standards shudd be the same for EVERYONE..nawt just doodes..becasue the way i see it is if yuhr a doode out there fuxxing everygirl in the world then guess what...yuhr a hoe too! yuhr no different just because yuh have a dick..nope yuhr nasty too...if nawt nastier! i mean c'mon now...what if a female had came out with that song first...talking bout "i wish i cudd fuxx every nixxa in the world" would the hiphop community be as receptive to it? wudd it...
A. make more doodes want that female
or would it..
B. have both females and males viewing her as some kind of hoe...
i'd bet anything the on B.

honestly there are probably only like three double standards that favor woman...

-a female saving herself for marriage is honorable while a doode saving himself for marriage is a big question mark to most or makes him "scared of puxxy"

- a female being a lesbian is attractive && considered a turn on to most doodes...while a doode being gay is a turn off to both male and female. && usually most doodes who love "girl on girl" action are the most homophobic doodes yuh'll ever meet when it comes to gay men!
&& lastly
- a girl can hit a doode yet a doode cant hit a girl
(expect when CB beat em down is involved..j/k..they are STILL mah fave couple!)

buh i mean thats it...really...thats all us girls get...good if we're a lesbian or saving ourselves...
as ignorant as it sounds..thats how society is...
too bad a majority of females havent realized the power that they i always say...

"PUSSY iS PoWER when yuh use it the right way!"

so to my ladies out there...flip the script on these double standards && doodes && think with yuhr mind && nawt with yuhr pussy...use yuhr pussy for POWER!!
woMAN DoWN!!!

misz dunkz

Thursday, April 16

=//i trip'd in LOVe with him//FReSH MiXTaPe!!!\\=

i told yall about mah future hubbz in a previous is the time for yuh to go download his FReSH MiXTaPe... "UKNOWBIGSEAN" ...goooo NOW...d/l it!
his swag is uber dope && his rhymes are cocaine..
no hes nawt a dope dealer...its BIG SEAN manye!

los angeles born, detroit raised,
g.o.o.d youngest member
ha ha..i love this doode! honestly besides the fact the he's nawt bad on the eyes, hes nawt bad on the ears either...hes actually one ove the dopest in the game right mah personal opinion..from his voice to his rhymes..everything this doode spits is on point. nawt to mention he is the prodigy ove "mr west himself"....hawt shit i tell yuh hawt shit. i first heard his shit while listenin to kid cudi on youtube...Big Sean was in related searches && i thought..might as well listen && i swear yall..from that point on i was in love. I listen to this man from morning til night..nothing else(okai..maybe cudi&& "smoke n drive" to "cooler than me" feat mike posner...i listen to it if yuh dont know then puhleeze do yuhrself a favor && go download the mixtapes...NOW!!!!!

"Finally Famous" vol.1 The Mixtape (click the pic to download the mixtape vol1)


FReSHeST MiXTaPe!!!!!!!!!(04.16.09)

"U Know Big Sean" finally famous vol.2

(click the pic to download the mixtape vol2)

::dope && believe::

off the dome..tracks to definitely listen to off both mixtapes wudd be:

"smoke n drive" "dreams" "we known" "supa dupa" "desire, want & need"&& also
"cooler than meeh" " who knows"( which are both with musical genius Mike Posner )

trust meeh when i say that after listenin to "smoke n drive" yuh will definently wanna go get a swisher && roll a bleezie with the best bali money can buy..even if yuh dont smoke...ha ha..iont smoke && i get that feeling..its unbelievable the way he delievers his rhymes...his voice is so charasmatic that it makes yuh wanna get up && produce some sort ove action..whether it be singing along or dancing yuhr asz off...either way Big Sean is one new artist i can see making it platinum x 100 many times... esp with Ye' by his side... so click on any ove the pics above to download the mixtape && enjoy..

holla at a gangsta (thats meeh)

misz t dunkz

oh && look out for his album droppin the this fall..."Finally Famous" the album..

yuh can listen to "million dollars" off the album here

<--------or click over here && check out his website, blog, or youtube
for more music && info on mah future hubbz..
smooches && dueces

(hi sean)

=//MEN are the new BiTCHeS syndrome = CHeATiNG\\=

the homegirl calls meeh recently...heartbroken over some lame asz niglet...why...cuz he played hella games+wasnt sure of what he wanted+hella insecure= the conclusion of their "relationship"...all i cudd do was give her mah advice based on previous doodes i talked to...which ove course lead to meeh tellin her..."FUxx NixxAs!" so then i had to really break it down && even ask mahself questions...starting with...

"why is it that doodes feel the need to constantly play games?"

is it that they are so used to sitting in front ove the television with their XBOZ 360 and PS3 controllers stuck in their hand that they have confused reality with an video game?

seriously...these days it seems as if doodes bring more drama && games to the able then doodettes...this bringing meeh to the title ove mah post...


true asz statement...i swear...some of the symptoms include:

they complain about everything
hella insecure

faaatttt jealous && want yuh to stay home DAiLY w them

hella emotional buh stay frontin'

playin games to get yuhr attention

hella be tryna cuddle up when yuh DONT want to
(buh ove course front a.b this as well..ha ha)

&& i know its nawt just meeh feelin like this cuz a few of the homegirls have reported their doodes as having the same exact symptoms..h aha...
dont get meeh wrong...i love to stay home with mah hubbz && cuddle it up...buh im nawt gonna have a bitch fit if we're in the car && hes talking on the phone (unless its the WHOLE damn ride..i mean thats just or if he wants to go out with his homebois...
No...ima do meeh...NAWT as in cheating
{daygo dooettes are quick to be like.."oh hes goin out girl...well im goin out too.." then they go fuxx some niglet ..regret it...have an arguument with their doode..get mad...blurt out they fuxx'd some niglet..&& then what do we have??? DRAMA..ha ha}

buh "do meeh" as in okai...hes's goin out with his bois..well maybe i'll take this time to catch up on some homework or do a hobbie of my own (shopping..haha) or go hang with my girls && have a girls night...
doodes on the other hand CAN NOT do this...
it is both physically && mentally inpossible(sometimes emotionally)
the second a female wants to go spend some eime with her comes this niglet...talking about how yall dont spend enuff time together && yuhr lways tryna go out && dahtity dah dah...
this rii here is when yuhr doode has just turned BiTCH on yuh...
actually one of the first i listed above..yep.."complaining"..
doodes ARE NOT suppose to act like this...they are suppose to be confident in what they are doing at home//in their relationship...
i mean c'mon..why trip if yuh know that she's gonna come rii back home to yuh?
(cuz hes insecure...another
&& plus if yuh got that "tony the tiger" syndrome
{everything about yuh is GrRRRrrreat..from yalls mental connect to yalls phyical connection}
then why wudd she even contemplate cheating?
unless yuh have that MNB syndrome && yurh sex is wack..ha ha nawt saying relationships are awl about sex..buh lets just be honest..the one of the only reason a doode trips about his girl going out is because hes afraid she'll cheat && find something better (sex && connection wise) so thats where sex comes into play...

oh shit....i lost mah train of thought ............fuxx it...

basically with niglets constantly actin like bitches these days...females cheating is only a hop skip && jump away..h aha...&& when i say bitches i dont neccessarily mean doodes because we know anyone can be a bitch..from yuhr grand ma to yuhr liddle nephew...haha && that rii there is a true asz statement... so this goes for both doodes && dooodettes...awl that really unnecessary!

besides MNB syndrome..another issue that will have yuhr significant other cheating in a flash is Fluking...buh thats really a whole nother OUT..woMAN DOWN!!!holla at a gangsta(thats meeh)

with diamondz && dunkz

mizs dunkz

=//swAck sessiOn < shOpping (repost)\\=

blogging is a/b being honest..its about writing truthfully && being who yuh are...its about letting other (strangers) get to know a liddle bit about yuh && letting them have a small glance into yuhr life....therefore..i can admit to things && can't really be that being said...i have a confession....i have an addiction... an addiction my mom actually got meeh counseling addict'd to shopping.... nawt like other doodettes who claim they have an addiction to shopping buh are constantly at F21 and Macys at the clearance racks....NO...I have an addiction to shopping for top of the line shit from LV to YSL...i dont care if it is a shoelace or a hangbag..i just have to have it...&& im nawt knockin F21 or Macys or their shoppers (cuz i enjoy F21 at times..they have improved i can && i used to be employeed by Macys back in the day..they
buh im just saying...i like to shop...whether it be a mood enhancer for the day or a party im about to hit up...i always have to hit the boutiques first! ha ha...
at times it makes it hard to buy others presents when the stores are just filled with goodies that seem as if they were just for

see to is like a fresh swack sessin with yuhr love...
yuh go in already knowing what’s about to happen buh yuh don’t care…
awl yuh know is that yuh’ve got an itch && its gotta be scratched…
so yuh proceed && make sure yuh have plastic in yuhr damier louis vuitton wallet//purse
because that the only way yuhr fully protected…
yuh feel around && get used to the beauty in front of yuh….
from racks in the front to the goodies in the back…
yuh know by the end of this experience yuh will have fulfilled yuhr very desire….
yuh feel around a bit…
concentrating on what yuh came here for….
starting slow….
making yuhr way from the top of the store to the bottom…
front to back….
maybe even switch it up a bit….
things start getting hawter….
yuhr speed accelerates a liddle more….
then yuhr almost at yuhr peak…
yuhr hands are full of goodness…
yuh don’t want to just stop….
yuh go in a liddle deeper….
&& that’s when yuhr speed hits full power…
yuhr hands are awl over the place
buh yet nawt to far from this beautiful work ove art in front ove yuh….
yuhr making noises yuh didn’t even know yuh cudd make….
yuhr feeling pleasure yuh didn’t even know was possible..
&& then yuhr spot gets hit….
nawt just once buh over && over && over && awwwwwwww..
there it is…
yuhr plastic is socking wet..
yuhr body is exhausted (yet yuh want more)
yuhr palms are sweaty….
buh now yuh are fully pleasured..
satisfied like no other….
&& like any good swack session//shopping trip //romantic relationship as such…
yuh leave the store with more baggage then yuh entered with
buh in the end its what yuh get out ove it…ha ha
Damn…iont know whether to go shopping now or get a bar..ha ha..j/k…
buh thats how it is for is the ultimate pleasure..h aha

with diamondz && dunkz

misz dunkz

=//to repost or not to repost..that is the question\\=

also i will be reposting a few of my favorite postings from my old blog before it was deleted...nawt all just a few i feel deserve a liddle shine on the new please read && comment on the subbz...woMAN DOWN
with with diamondz && dunkz

=//tooo flii to remain iNGoGNiTo...\\=

i've realized i havent been writting as much as i used to...before mah blog was deleted..i had been making it a point to at least blog about something daily...buh latesly it just hasnt been the same...maybe becuase i dont have all of my followers && i feel as if no one is reading or maybe becuase i have been consumed with trying to get mah clothing line out of the basement && homework at the same time...whatever mah excuse may be...i am writing to announce that...
i have too many random asz thoughts runnin through mah head to nawt iM BaCK...ha ha
stay tuned for greatness....
with diamondz && dunkz
misz dunkz

Wednesday, April 1

=//fours0me with the best\\=

"i cudd live off just sean..cudi..lupe..&& posner && im water..just mah fab 4.."
Sean (future Hubbz)



Mike Posner

i love these doodes...mah itunes && iphone consist of 75% these
(click on the pics for more info on each artist)
hit cha wita smo0ch
&& throw up the duece...
=//continue to support mah fab four\\=
Sean= "Finally Famous" the mixtape vol 1 (download!!)
"U Know Big Sean" mixtape vol 2 (download!!!)
"Finally Famous" the album (dropping soon)
Cudi= "A Kid Named Cudi" mixtape
"Man on the Moon : The Guardians" (dropping soon)
Lupe= "The Cool" (if yuh dont have it GET iT!!)
"Lasers" (droppin sometime this year)
Posner= "A Matter of Time" Mixtape (download!!!)