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Monday, May 11

=//i put on for mah country\\=

"i put oooooooon" (in a kanye

so lately i've been tryna get more into the culture && history of mah familia && speand time with them all...which is kinda hard cuz we're spread out across the US and a few of the rellies are in central
so after doing much airline && hotel research i decided i am going to panama at least for a good two weeks!!! im so excited..because mah pops always tells meeh stories about mah g-rents//his parents (r.i.p papa && grammy) when they lived in panama && how beautiful it is there && traditions they had && it really just amp'd meeh up to get more into mah panamanian side. i told mah homeboi this && he responded w.."yuh need to get into yuhr black side first.."lol...funny cuz people think just cuz im from la jolla && talk more on the proper side instead of ghetto side that im nawt in tune w mah black side..which i meeh....buh im a la jolla girl && will be remember i used to tell people i was portugese && black instead ove panamanian && black because to meeh panamanian just seemed black && portugese seemed more exotic....buh as i matured i realized how great ove a country//race we are! so yeah....
"we da best...who nicccca...we!!!!" (in a dj khaled voice) ha ha
back to mah FAVORITE ive been looking around at hotels && even ticket prices && am so prepared...i havent told mah pops yet..becuase hes a worry wart && might say no...which as everyone knows..i HATE to im tryna think ove a way to tell him about it so he can get the tickets && hotel for meeh! since im nawt ms. richie rich...i need him to say if he says yes then i dont have to get the hotel && i can just stay w the familia!! yup...that'd be tony the tiger!!!
i can only hope he says yes..i mean he HAS this point in mah life i only know mah panamanian cuzzins who live in cali && thats even lightweight cuz its nawt like they are in daygo...more like pasadena ( one ove mah cuzzos was one of the mains in pharrells "frontin" yuh cuzzo!) && ish...&& i mean why wuddnt he want meeh to get more in touch with mah panamanian side while traveling the world...the way i see it...its like killing two birds with one plan mah pops is hella into his "culture" i guess yuh can he knows all the dishes (which are yummy!!) ..he speaks spanish (unlike i) he knows the tamborito (a spanish dance over in panama) && hes been there himself a few times...
so with that being said...i KNOW he HAS to say YES!!!!!!!!! he
so with meeh being so sure of getting a yes on mah panama quest....
the only question left
is whos down for the trip...holla at a gangsta(thats meeh)
misz talia dunkz
***** im changing mah theme song...
new shit is
"gangstas dont die..
they get toned && they move to panama"
(instead ove la

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