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be at all the cocaine sneaker spots, sippin on pink lemonade vodka, Panama
{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Friday, May 8

=//r a n d O m\\=

sometimes mah mind wanders away from meeh....
&& random thoughts come a/b...
-fruit snacks are best paired with baked original lays
-looking at meeh yuh'd never guess i have one ove the oddest talents that i am the best at
-i find [him] to be everything i want in a doode..yet idk how to tell him
[c O n f u s i n g]
- "cocaine" is mah favorite word (buh i wudd never do it!)
-i hate HATE hate when doodes call meeh babe//baby when im nawt in a lightweight or heavyweight relationship w them
- 99.9% of cereals make meeh automatically throw up (suxx)
-ppl say im nawt black enuff cuz..i hate chicken (w bones) sause...ranch (on everything)
-im planning a trip to panama to meet some of mah pops side of the family
[e x c i t i n g]
-cupcakes are the best thing since breathing

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