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be at all the cocaine sneaker spots, sippin on pink lemonade vodka, Panama
{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Thursday, May 28

=// i'm back!! (lightweight) \\=

im back!!!
.l i g h t w e i g h t.
been gone for a liddle minute..sorry blogettes..

life has been throwing meeh curve ball after curve ball

buh i have avoided gettin striked out...

hit a few home-runs thoe...
new car -----> "Scion '08"
prep'n the letterman jacket && sweater for my clothing line
as well as new tees && even a few cut && sew pieces
&& finally droppin a few of the unnecessary ppl in mah life
guess i'll have to fully update yall at a later time...
maybe today..if get enough time to really write a/b it all...
i do miss having the time to "really" just write freely!
smoOches && dueces
"natalia dunkz"
thank yuh && hey hi hello to mah NEW followers!!

beam meeh up scOtt mescudi!

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