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{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Sunday, May 10

=//questions && answers\\=

so many questions lingering in the air
as yuh hold meeh close && tight
yet I'm nawt so sure if I want the answers
how can I be sure about us
when we haven't had the biggest && most important talk yet
all I know is that yuh meet the minimum && maximum requirements that other doodes always fail to meet..
a breath of fresh air..that's what yuh are to meeh && yuh said I am to yuh...
yet we're still at this same place...standing still..with those questions lingering in the air...
with every touch..every kiss..every moment of passion
unanswered questions still remain...
am I...? are we...? are yuh...? do we...? do yuh?
dots pertaining to the words I just can't get out
words I want to simply utter in yuhr ear while yuh kiss me oh so softly...
words I want to scream out loud while the moment is just right
words I want to get out...but can't
c O n f u s i n g.
thats the only word to describe this "thing" we have going on
that's the only word to describe my emotions of "us"
O f f i c i a l.
that's the word to describe what I "think" I want
thats the only word to describe what it "shudd" be between us
but I'm still nawt even sure that's what I want....
the connection we have was instant && so strong...
I feel as if I've known yuh for years instead of months...
so yuh wudd think "official" would be what I want
reality is I have only know yuh for a few months
so I can't know if what yuh say is real
I can't know if yuh are" really" what I am looking for or if its all a facade
I'm not sure if I can actually "trust" yuh
actions speak louder than words buh in this case they are both so confusing
they match up yet they don't...
yuhr actions say so much yet so liddle
yuhr words say so liddle yet so much
simply lost && confused about us
with so many questions still lingering in the air
as yuh hold me close && tight w a kiss meeh goodnight

yuhr STiLL the one i want...

misz talia dunkz

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