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be at all the cocaine sneaker spots, sippin on pink lemonade vodka, Panama
{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Tuesday, October 20

h e l l it meeh yuhr looking for?


i have been extremely m.i.a...
huess its cuz im just not really a social networking type of person...
i mean i deleted both of my myspaces back in the beginning of '08
and facebook...umm.. i've been off that for a hawt one...

i see it as..i have a REAL LIFE with REAL FRIENDS
so iont feel the need to hit anyone up over MS or FB
when i can easily drive over to there house && have an actual conversation..haha

recently i decided to try some new type of netwrking
since i've been workin on the line && ish..i mean is is good to stay in contact with those far && even possilbly make new friends...
so i decided to get .....

&& also...

yes..i have subcome to society && joined the forces..

so far im still gettin the hang ove it all...
but skype is mah shit by faaaaaar!!!

but chea...

follow meeh or skype meeh
(if yuh please)


same name on both.

with dunkz && love,

misz talia dunkz

Thursday, June 25

=// l i f e \=

wuddnt that be awesOme.....

Monday, June 15

=// O n e . y e a r \\=

darnell anthony smith

one year ove being hurt..sad..confused..&& simply lost in this world
i love yuh babe!
-natalia a smith