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be at all the cocaine sneaker spots, sippin on pink lemonade vodka, Panama
{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Friday, March 27

=//14 dates in 14 days\\=

"Hi! My name is Natalia Dunkz, and I am a single female addicted to retail"
ha ha..okai i live in San Diego also known as "daygo" to us yuh arent from here then yuh DO NOT understand how hard it is to find a decent doode! caucasian, african american, hispanic, guamanian...ha matter the race..they are just hard to come by and althoe i am only 21 years yung i have talked to many doodes (no nawt fuxx'd many doodes or dated many doodes..just talked to em..ha) && have realized that besides mah boyfriend of 4 years (who passed away...r.i.p) im just nawt gonna find that doode who matchs mah fly && is actually a GOOD least nawt in daygo. But..yeah there is always a BUT..h aha...some ove mah doodettes dont feel the same way. why? i dunno...they seem to think that i just need to get out a liddle more && make mah self more available (which is odd because honestly i am out alot..i mean for goodness sakes im a shop-a-holic....that means i go out to the gym...&& ballet class && grocery shopping && etc.) buh yuh get it right. i DO go they make mahself MORE availabe thing..thats complicated..i mean every doode i know tells meeh basically the same thing after they finally talk to meeh && get to know meeh..
"i thought yuh wudd be __________" (insert one)
a. uppity b. a bitch c. rude && ignore me d. all of the above
so see..its nawt meeh! i mean if yuh just go off mah appearance && feel intimidated then thats YUH! i mean i seem available to meeh...mah ring finger is freezing cold && nawt from a cocaine type diamond ring...nooo..from the single symdrome...h aha..yeah i was recently diagnosed with that lame shit!lol...
buh back to the point...since mah doodettes feel that there are good doodes out here && that i need to open up more..then i challenged those hoes...told them i'd agree to go on dates or hanging out sessions with at least 14 doodes ...just to prove mah point...
"daygo is full ove lames && no good doodes exist here"
so with that being said...i have started the process! i have gone on a few && will be writting reviews on every date giving yuh guys every single detail! ha ha...this shudd be interesting...
smo0ches && dUeces
t. dunkz

p.s... many feel im picky buh i like to call it standardized...
i just want a doode who meets mah that so hard?
in daygo...most

Thursday, March 26

=// vBLoGS...hmmmm\\=

sooooo...i had thought about starting to do video blogs on mah last blog b4 google got grimey && allowed mah ish to get deleted (do i sound bitter...ha ha) nah buh...i think this time around ima start off with doin vBLoGS every once in a'll give yall a liddle insight on who i really am && thats what mah blog is for rii...for yall to come a/b meeh &&whats been going on in mines && then leave knowing a liddle more a/b meeh then yuh did before yuh hit mah with that said...vBLoGS are mah new thing...i hope yall like...

shiiiit maybe that'll bring mah followers back +
i joke i joke..nah im fuxx that im dead asz serious!!!!haha..

welps...W0MAN DoWN!!!

holla at a gangsta(who else...meeh!)

=//dUnkz in dhee haMptons\\=

althoe im STiLL in the process of getting mah blog BACK up && running...i'm also in the process of starting a new blog with one ove mah bestest bestest doodettes fancy...
so stay on the look out...its on mah profile if yuh need help finding it...we shudd have it completely finished by this coming monday...
letting yuh in on awl the dirt ove daygo..h aha
brought to yuh by
Natalia Dunkz && Franchesca Hampton
(its set on private til we finish..i'll let yuh know the official lanch date)
smo0ches && dUeces
holla at a gangsta(thats meeh)ha ha...
im back niglets!!!!!YES!!!

Wednesday, March 25

=starting FReSH\\=

okai so this morning mah blog diamondsdunkzdrinkz was DELETED!!!!

i still dunno how this happened..awl i know is i lost awl ove mah post

&& awl ove mah followers!(awl i was gettin


sooooo..instead ove crying (like i wanted to)

i knew i had to be gangsta && just start a new blog..

so bear with meeh guys...

i will be back with bigger && better post...

so wooo saaa with meeh && prepare for greatness!

sm0oches && dUeces

misz talia dUnkz

=//Dx3...WHAT iT iS??\\=

iTS MAH LiFE....
LeARN iT..LiVe iT..LOVe it

-misz talia dunkz