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Friday, May 8

=//c O n f e s s i O n\\=

[ l O v e . t h e m]
after a long talk with mah mom about mah recent dating decisions(only dating white guys)...i realized that she (&& yes all ove mah black homebois) was right...i shuddnt just close the door on all black doodes...i mean as picky as i am && as hard as it is to find a decent black doode here in daygo...i do eventually want that "black love" as they call does seem kinda fairy tale like in these day && age esp. because mah attraction to them is nawt as strong as it was when i was younger && daygo is full of grimey daygo doodes who dont even meet the minimum criteria...buh i do rarely meet a kewl one worth getting the time to know. i just dont usually let mahself actually get to know him because i'll think..."at the end of the day he's still a black doode && that means drama" buh maybe i am letting my "new standard" keep meeh from finding a good doode...maybe i do need to open that door back up buh just be cautious of who i let in...
maybe this time around i shudd give this "black doode" the benefit of the doubt...nawt judge him on the previous mistakes of the few other black doodes i've talked to. maybe i need to go into it with the glass half full this

these last few day i have learned so much about mahself && usually i am the type who doenst care what someone says..i wont my homebois will tell meeh why im nawt meeting the right black doodes && that i shuddnt just date white doodes && i'll say "NO..its nawt meeh cuz im looking for the good ones..buh there are none..." now its like...doode...they were so right...i mean the past i admit i have kinda talked to the wrong doodes (besides darnell!ily!) ...knowing that it wasnt kewl from the jump buh just thinkin...hey...maybe it'll work out....WRONG! it never works out when its wrong from the start. i mean im nawt the type who starts talking to a doode thinking that i can change him to fit mah standards..beause honestly...thats like iMPOSSiBLE...tryna change a doode actually just makes him worst!lol...

i really do wanna have that black michelle && barack...b and jay...dawn && que...rihanna && chris (before the beatdown!lol) nah mostly i want that black love like the original black power couple (OBPC)...
jada && will
lol...honestly they are like the dopest couple....haha
now i just need to crack the door && see who knocks..

talia dunkz

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