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Tuesday, April 21

=//CaR aCCiDeNT on 4.20...CLaSSiC\\=

last night....
decided to celebrate 4.20 with mah cuzzin candie...
iont even smoke...i actually perfer drinking..(those who personally know meeh know
so with the occasion in the air && the hubbz big sean on the ipod touch..blastin in the car...
["smoke n drive"by the hubbz is the offical bali song! && "high together" by shwayze]
we got the first hit of the munchies && a craving for sushi...h aha
so we hit up SuSHi usual we park in the handicap spot right in front beacuse i mean why nawt...they're the BESt fulfilling our craving..we get in the car && i wait for the car behind meeh to pass by so i can back out....i see he passes by then i start to back thing yuh know....i hear...crash! honk!"oh shit!" thats candies ass....its weird cuz all we cudd do was laugh! so her asz is like "just go" buh meeh bing the responhsible person i am ( ha ha) i get out && go look at the back of my car && side of his...just a few minor parts on the one we're good to go....we're exchanging insurance info && i cant stop laughing....even he was laughing along (maybe he was celebratin && of course with this happening in fron of the gym (yes college grove where all the black ppl everyone was staring as if they had never seen a small accident....
[black ppl are soo rude..haha]
i called up the hotchee who pays mah car insurance to make sure it wudd be straight...he said yep..&& that made the night better automatically..
buh at the end ove it was great he even bought us jamba juice...yeah he was hawaiian or some basically white so yuh know it was awl good..haha...
hope yall enjoy'd 4.20 as much as meeh!lol
misz dunkz
like mah candie cane says...thats what happens when yuh "smoke n drive" ha ha! holla

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