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Thursday, April 16

=//i trip'd in LOVe with him//FReSH MiXTaPe!!!\\=

i told yall about mah future hubbz in a previous is the time for yuh to go download his FReSH MiXTaPe... "UKNOWBIGSEAN" ...goooo NOW...d/l it!
his swag is uber dope && his rhymes are cocaine..
no hes nawt a dope dealer...its BIG SEAN manye!

los angeles born, detroit raised,
g.o.o.d youngest member
ha ha..i love this doode! honestly besides the fact the he's nawt bad on the eyes, hes nawt bad on the ears either...hes actually one ove the dopest in the game right mah personal opinion..from his voice to his rhymes..everything this doode spits is on point. nawt to mention he is the prodigy ove "mr west himself"....hawt shit i tell yuh hawt shit. i first heard his shit while listenin to kid cudi on youtube...Big Sean was in related searches && i thought..might as well listen && i swear yall..from that point on i was in love. I listen to this man from morning til night..nothing else(okai..maybe cudi&& "smoke n drive" to "cooler than me" feat mike posner...i listen to it if yuh dont know then puhleeze do yuhrself a favor && go download the mixtapes...NOW!!!!!

"Finally Famous" vol.1 The Mixtape (click the pic to download the mixtape vol1)


FReSHeST MiXTaPe!!!!!!!!!(04.16.09)

"U Know Big Sean" finally famous vol.2

(click the pic to download the mixtape vol2)

::dope && believe::

off the dome..tracks to definitely listen to off both mixtapes wudd be:

"smoke n drive" "dreams" "we known" "supa dupa" "desire, want & need"&& also
"cooler than meeh" " who knows"( which are both with musical genius Mike Posner )

trust meeh when i say that after listenin to "smoke n drive" yuh will definently wanna go get a swisher && roll a bleezie with the best bali money can buy..even if yuh dont smoke...ha ha..iont smoke && i get that feeling..its unbelievable the way he delievers his rhymes...his voice is so charasmatic that it makes yuh wanna get up && produce some sort ove action..whether it be singing along or dancing yuhr asz off...either way Big Sean is one new artist i can see making it platinum x 100 many times... esp with Ye' by his side... so click on any ove the pics above to download the mixtape && enjoy..

holla at a gangsta (thats meeh)

misz t dunkz

oh && look out for his album droppin the this fall..."Finally Famous" the album..

yuh can listen to "million dollars" off the album here

<--------or click over here && check out his website, blog, or youtube
for more music && info on mah future hubbz..
smooches && dueces

(hi sean)

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