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Friday, April 17

=//DoUBLe STaNDaRDs...hmmm\\=

"I would fuck with all ya'll, all of ya'll are beautiful,
i just cant pick one, so you can never say i'm choosy, ho's...
and Wayne say: pussy, pussy, pussy
and weed, and alcohol seems to satisfy us all (damn)
and everytime i think of staying with her she bring that friend around
and make a nigga reconsider "

im on mah way to work && this song("every girl") comes on....
aite first off its my cuzzins cd..nawt that im nawt a drake fan buh he pretty much is overly hyped up...i mean yes he is a great rapper...buh i much more perfer big sean && kid cudi...back to the subbz thoe...this song just made meeh think...

"why are there so many double standards favoring men?"

i mean wayne && drake are sittin up here screamin..
"i wish i cudd fuck every girl in the world"
and males as well as females are singing along with them... meeh...i've never personally been a fan of the song so i was quick to hit the eject button...but at the same time...that question remained in mah head.
there are sooo many double standards that favor men and honestly it is rediculous!
a few off the top of the dome wudd be:

-a doode having a team of females makes him a playa//pimp..while a female having a team of doodes makes her a hoe//slut (even if she hasnt slept with them)

-doodes can sleep with 30 females && be known as a pimp/playa/mac while females on the other hand can sleep with 6 doodes and automatically be labeled a hoe/slut/whore

-doodes can use a girl for money, sex, etc and get props and is knownbut the second a female is using a doode for his money, sex, etc she becomes a gold digger//hoe

- a doode having a one night stand is "normal" while a female having a one night stand is "hoeish"

-a doode cheating while in a realtionship is justified by the "im a man..its inevitable" line while a female cheating while in a relationship automatically makes her a "unfaithful lying cheatin asz hoe"

-a doode taking a girl from her boifriend, has his homeboys like "ahhh..yuh chopp'd her down..blah blah blah"...while a female taking a doode from his girlfriend is a homewrecker//hoe...

-a blk doode dating a wht female is all high fives && shit...while a blk female dating a wht doode is her "selling out"....

honestly i think it is bullshit..these standards shudd be the same for EVERYONE..nawt just doodes..becasue the way i see it is if yuhr a doode out there fuxxing everygirl in the world then guess what...yuhr a hoe too! yuhr no different just because yuh have a dick..nope yuhr nasty too...if nawt nastier! i mean c'mon now...what if a female had came out with that song first...talking bout "i wish i cudd fuxx every nixxa in the world" would the hiphop community be as receptive to it? wudd it...
A. make more doodes want that female
or would it..
B. have both females and males viewing her as some kind of hoe...
i'd bet anything the on B.

honestly there are probably only like three double standards that favor woman...

-a female saving herself for marriage is honorable while a doode saving himself for marriage is a big question mark to most or makes him "scared of puxxy"

- a female being a lesbian is attractive && considered a turn on to most doodes...while a doode being gay is a turn off to both male and female. && usually most doodes who love "girl on girl" action are the most homophobic doodes yuh'll ever meet when it comes to gay men!
&& lastly
- a girl can hit a doode yet a doode cant hit a girl
(expect when CB beat em down is involved..j/k..they are STILL mah fave couple!)

buh i mean thats it...really...thats all us girls get...good if we're a lesbian or saving ourselves...
as ignorant as it sounds..thats how society is...
too bad a majority of females havent realized the power that they i always say...

"PUSSY iS PoWER when yuh use it the right way!"

so to my ladies out there...flip the script on these double standards && doodes && think with yuhr mind && nawt with yuhr pussy...use yuhr pussy for POWER!!
woMAN DoWN!!!

misz dunkz

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