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Thursday, April 16

=//swAck sessiOn < shOpping (repost)\\=

blogging is a/b being honest..its about writing truthfully && being who yuh are...its about letting other (strangers) get to know a liddle bit about yuh && letting them have a small glance into yuhr life....therefore..i can admit to things && can't really be that being said...i have a confession....i have an addiction... an addiction my mom actually got meeh counseling addict'd to shopping.... nawt like other doodettes who claim they have an addiction to shopping buh are constantly at F21 and Macys at the clearance racks....NO...I have an addiction to shopping for top of the line shit from LV to YSL...i dont care if it is a shoelace or a hangbag..i just have to have it...&& im nawt knockin F21 or Macys or their shoppers (cuz i enjoy F21 at times..they have improved i can && i used to be employeed by Macys back in the day..they
buh im just saying...i like to shop...whether it be a mood enhancer for the day or a party im about to hit up...i always have to hit the boutiques first! ha ha...
at times it makes it hard to buy others presents when the stores are just filled with goodies that seem as if they were just for

see to is like a fresh swack sessin with yuhr love...
yuh go in already knowing what’s about to happen buh yuh don’t care…
awl yuh know is that yuh’ve got an itch && its gotta be scratched…
so yuh proceed && make sure yuh have plastic in yuhr damier louis vuitton wallet//purse
because that the only way yuhr fully protected…
yuh feel around && get used to the beauty in front of yuh….
from racks in the front to the goodies in the back…
yuh know by the end of this experience yuh will have fulfilled yuhr very desire….
yuh feel around a bit…
concentrating on what yuh came here for….
starting slow….
making yuhr way from the top of the store to the bottom…
front to back….
maybe even switch it up a bit….
things start getting hawter….
yuhr speed accelerates a liddle more….
then yuhr almost at yuhr peak…
yuhr hands are full of goodness…
yuh don’t want to just stop….
yuh go in a liddle deeper….
&& that’s when yuhr speed hits full power…
yuhr hands are awl over the place
buh yet nawt to far from this beautiful work ove art in front ove yuh….
yuhr making noises yuh didn’t even know yuh cudd make….
yuhr feeling pleasure yuh didn’t even know was possible..
&& then yuhr spot gets hit….
nawt just once buh over && over && over && awwwwwwww..
there it is…
yuhr plastic is socking wet..
yuhr body is exhausted (yet yuh want more)
yuhr palms are sweaty….
buh now yuh are fully pleasured..
satisfied like no other….
&& like any good swack session//shopping trip //romantic relationship as such…
yuh leave the store with more baggage then yuh entered with
buh in the end its what yuh get out ove it…ha ha
Damn…iont know whether to go shopping now or get a bar..ha ha..j/k…
buh thats how it is for is the ultimate pleasure..h aha

with diamondz && dunkz

misz dunkz

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