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{[im addicted to yuh! im addicted to yuh!// yuh entice meeh on the daily// thats why yuhr mah baby// i love to feel yuhr touch && althoe i may stray// to blazers..jordans..&& pumps// DUNKZ...yuh will always be the one i want]} ilyximy=pook

Friday, June 12

=//simply lost && confused\\=

june 15 2008 was the worst day ove mah life...
mah boyfriend ove 4 years Darnell was taken away from meeh..
still to this day i have had none ove mah questions answered...
who did this cowardly act ove violence?
why did this coward kill an innocent young man?
how cudd God allow this to happen?
how cudd one coward affect soooo many peoples lives?
monday will be a year since this horrific day...
monday will be the day i have been dreading for months
monday will be another hard horrific day
im so lost to why this shit happens...
"the good die young " is like one ove the truest statements every spoken!

i miss yuh darnell && yuh already know this..i'll make sure i bump jeezy hella loud on mah system all as much family guy as a cheeseburger && fries && drink a hi-c just for yuh babe..&& all while wearing yuhr jordan basketball shorts w a white tee && mah j's...chillin like old

damn babe...i really need yuh buh i know it just aint bout to happen...
i know yuh got mah back thoe && thank yuh for all ove the blessings..

from the condo to the dopest job the brand new whip...
&& also for one ove the best jeezy mixtapes ever!!!
thank yuh for loving meeh while yuh were here the way yuh did..
thank yuh for teaching meeeh soooo much that i still use to this day && always will use..
thank yuh for treating meeh like a queen && giving meeh everything i wanted & needed!
thank yuh for being the best role modle possible for mah liddle baby bro..yuhr liddle cuzzins..&& yuhr liddle bros..

thanlk yuh for arguin w meeh a/b dumb shit so that i wudd realize the obvious...
thank yuh for picking meeh up at the craziest hours ove the night && gettin meeh home safely..
thank yuh for making the best alcoholic slushies at yuhr g'mas house!

thank yuh for gettin meeh pills && soup && gatorade when i had the worst cramps!
thank yuh for carrying meeh up the stairs to mah bed && nawt dropping meeh.
thank yuh for teaching meeh how to workout && getting meeh yuh..
thank yuh for installing in meeh so much morals && values && respect for mahself..
thank yuh for the long walks to 7-11 when we needed fresh air!
thank yuh for being mah first everything && being sooo patient && respectful...
thank yuh fro doing it bigger than any other doode from the newest cadillac cts to having the best fits known to mankind..
thank yuh for being the best man yuh cudd be at only the age ove 20..
thank yuh for teachin meeh to love && how to be love..
thank yuh for being yuh...
darnell anthony smith

yuh know i got yuh forever && i know yuh got meeh
yuh will always be mah pookaluke!

i can still hear yuhr voice...
"yuh know we keep that portugese girl..natalia dunkz"
yuhr were a mess babe..buh i loved it!

thank yuh for the memories && best moments ove mah life!

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